This site is devoted to the genealogy of the Koffler, Dunst, Roth and Kurtz families.

The name for this website comes from (/is) the title of my grandfather's book - Exile to Exile by Jacob Koffler.

There are many family names included here. Below are the ones that started my research:

  • KOFFLER - from Kolomea, Zablotov and Washkowitz (Ukraine)
  • DUNST - from Kolomea, Zablotov and Washkowitz (Ukraine)
  • ROTH - from in and around Mielec (Poland)
  • KURTZ - from in and around Mielec (Poland)

I am in the process of adding photos and documents so please come back occasionally to see what I have added

I don't have sources for all the birth, marriage, death and other dates. Any info I have that isn't sourced would be from family members so I expect that it's fairly reliable.

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